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Welcome to our latest customer, St. Simon & St. Jude in Tignish PEI.

Training- Oct 09  more info here





We have  2 levels of Pricing, they both include all modules and features.

1. The “Limited Version” which is for small churches with less than 300 families and 800 individuals, and only 1 church within this administration location.


$299.00 Canadian

2. The “Unlimited Version”, no limits at all. INCLUDING, running multiple churches (at the same administration location).

$599.00 Canadian

Both versions allow multiple network users / connections. Check our FAQ page for more information on this.


Data Conversion is $200.00, unless otherwise quoted. We have converted as many a four different programs of data into Parish Pro, this requires more time and extra costs. The good news is that Parish Pro will now do what these other four programs were doing, better of course because Parish Pro is fully integrated. If you are unsure of you data type or conversion costs, just give us a call

We have designed another pricing structure to help churches once again. this is for churches that may be “joining” together. Or churches that are moving to one central administration office. One church can purchase the software and “transfer” the license to another church when / if consolidation occurs. ALSO, if this church only wants the smaller $300 package, they can just upgrade the license when the consolidation occurs. AND (not done yet), since we know that you are not sure what is going to happen, we are even going to give you a $100 discount at the time of upgrade, (when you consolidate). OK, SO, this leaves one last thought on your side. “if 2 or 3 churches buy or own the software and these churches then consolidate, then there will be NO Charge for the upgraded software to the unlimited version, that’s right FREE. So we have now eliminated all your fears on wasting money and are even saving you money on our highly advanced software.