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Welcome to our latest customer, St. Simon & St. Jude in Tignish PEI.

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Parish Pro and Advanced Church Pro; Features:

System Administration:

System Profile; stores church information, like address, Senior minister, second minister, Diocese info, data locations, staff names, government / tax info, etc.

Table Maintenance; many many tables so you don’t have to retype any repetitive information. Digital signature table for use in certificates, reports, receipts etc.

Uploads; You can transfer the Census list many ways, - to Outlook, then to your cell phone. Also  upload information to the Bishops server or “Master” database.

Security; settings for all of Parish Pro and an individual security system for the Reports module.

Special; section for tech support and Year End rollovers / backups.

Screen Shots:   click image for larger view

Census / Membership:

Input new parishioners and families with ease.

Maintain multiple contact listings.

Display individual photos.

Track committee or group involvement.

Manage an unlimited number of members and families.

Generate census reports and statistics.

Create, print, or e-mail up-to-the-minute reports.

Secure program access with internal security ALSO secure different functions separately.

Encryption, data is encrypted with an internal algorithm preventing external readability.

Track basic Genealogy information related to a individual.

Store, track and find SHAPE information. (Spiritual, Heath, Abilities, Personality, Experiences).

Sacrament information related to an individual is easily accessible in the Census module.

Geographic Zones, keep track of and report members by geographical zones.

Deceased, we don’t delete data ,EVER, we can mark a person “deceased” for later use.

Envelope numbers with an in-use count, Envelope #’s are an essential part of Contributions.

Screen Shots:   click image for larger view

census FS

census DD

Census Sacra





Features we are currently adding / working on:


We are currently finishing the SHAPE drill downs and browse features, due date is July 7th.


Mail Merge is done, we need to add the super easy to use features. This will really make mail merging very easy to use. Which it usually is not, it will be as easy as selecting from a table.


Drill Downs in the Cemetary module.


The School / Classes module, due date is the end of July.