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Welcome to our latest customer, St. Simon & St. Jude in Tignish PEI.

Training- Oct 09  more info here




WOW, another Sale, as we get close to having all the Catholic churches here converted to our system, the boss said “go get them all”. So we are offering a 50% discount until the end of September.

We would like to welcome St Simon & St. Jude Parish to our “Parish Pro Family”.

We are scheduling another training session in October 2009, this time our customers want a full day instead of just a half day like we did last time.

Oct 15th 2008, We are offering our customers the option to put their church info on our domain (It will be undergoing changes soon). This will be free for the most past, depending on how elaborate you wish to get with the information you want posted.

Oct 1st 2008. We have designed another pricing structure to help churches once again. this is for churches that may be “joining” together. Or churches that are moving to one central administration office. One church can purchase the software and “transfer” the license to another church when / if consolidation occurs. ALSO, if this church only wants the smaller $300 package, they can just upgrade the license when the consolidation occurs. AND (not done yet), since we know that you are not sure what is going to happen, we are even going to give you a $100 discount at the time of upgrade, (when you consolidate). OK, SO, this leaves one last thought on your side. “if 2 or 3 churches buy or own the software and these churches then consolidate, then there will be NO Charge for the upgraded software to the unlimited version, that’s right FREE. So we have no eliminated on your fears on wasting money and are even saving you money on our highly advanced software.

Aug 2nd, 2008, We added a Scheduling module that is capable of multiple - separate Schedules, / Calendars. Great for scheduling anything, --Church Hall, Priest tasks, appointments, staff info (vacations etc.). All fully integrated of course.

Inventory, a new module to keep track of all items, including serial numbers, dates etc. We would like to thank the church that gave advice on this module. During an onsite visit, I had the luxury of watching the office manager entering information into a note book that turned out to be an inventory list. The problem was that the list changed so often that it was never up to date and had to be retyped a lot. The book was full of notes, chicken scratches, white out. So Inventory for churches was born and integrated, a NO cost update to our customers. (hope our accountant doesn’t read this).