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Welcome to our latest customer, St. Simon & St. Jude in Tignish PEI.

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What programming language is your software written in?

Our software is built using a Rapid Application Development (RAD) programming language called Clarion. Our lead programer, Bill, is also an engineer, with 40 years of programming and engineering experience. Using the right high end programming tools with our knowledge allows us to create very very fast software, that is both easy to use, and stable. So stable that it does not care what happens with Windows, or updates, MS Office, nothing, period. So fast and stand-alone that it can be ran right off a USB flash drive with very little speed slowdown. Other programs that are based on languages like, Microsoft Access, or Dbase, DOS, Clipper, Paradox, etc, do NOT even compare with this level of high end programming. These other “tools” just don’t have the capability to compete with proffessional level software. We create multi-dimensional databases that are designed for speed and stability. Did we mention FAST, a drill down into 5765 records in the Baptism sacrament data for a year end report (all 2007) records, will be done before you let your finger off the mouse. Clarion’s programming design is so great, that is does not use Index’s, tables, etc for the database. These types of systems are slow, and not stable, with frequent data problems. Clarion’s system and our design does not have these issues. We may have answered more than one question here.

How easy-to-use is the contribution part?

Our contribution entry module (screen) is extremely easy to use. Using only the 10 key pad on the right side of your keyboard you can enter all contributions with 4 key strokes. While having a running list and totals on the same screen. It will also maintain the date and account until you close or change it. You can enter by envelope number or name also. If you close and come back to it later, you don’t even have to select the “working” batch, just select the date and it will bring it up for you.

Do you have complete, easy to use reports, that I don’t have to make a bunch of decisions before I get the report?

YES; Wow, this was a huge problem we learned in the very beginning from our consultants. With OTHER software you have to contstantly select fields, types, how, etc, etc, for a report to happen. We built a “Reports” module, in this module you will find pre designed reports at the click of ONE button. ALSO, please take a look at the best part of “Reports” which is our Drill Down Center, it’s amazing. (This will be on our “features” page soon).

Does it work in a network environment, and is it fast? We are tired of our slow software and the remote PC’s waiting all the time

Fast, designed this way from the ground up. Not only fast, but very, very reliable, and easy to update. The program, data files are all in one place. Also makes it very secure.